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About Us

"We offer our client's chemical free and energy efficient swimming pools and landscapes without the additional cost's. Our eco-smart pools are great value to install and they will save you both money and time in their ongoing operation"

Sean Lynch - Ecozen Founder and Landscape Architect

Ecozen Pools and Landscapes was created in 1998 to work with Qld families in building quality eye catching projects with an eco conscience. Ecozen noticed a need in the market for a company that makes the application of the latest green design and construction principles easy to understand and simple to apply for grass roots residential families. Ecozen was formed to make green design and construction simple to understand, easy to apply and cheap to integrate into your next pool and landscape project. Let us take price out of the equation by installing the latest eco smart pool operating systems at no extra cost.

Ecozen Pools and Landscapes have been working with clients in the design and construction of new concrete swimming pools and landscapes that are ecologically responsible in their design, economically affordable in their installation and energy efficient in their ongoing operation. Since then Ecozen has won many state and national design and construction awards but most importantly has helped thousands of Qld families understand, apply and manage the use of green technology, water wise systems and energy smart solutions into their familes homes, pools and backyards.

The Ecozen Team is made up of experienced industry professionals with up to date qualifications, training and insurances for peace of mind. Our dedicated administration support team are always available to assist all of our clients with every step of the process. Our professional design team is with you from concept to completion to answer any questions or make any changes so you get the most out of your new pool and landscape project. Our Gold Card Licensed project managers and trade staff are at your disposal to keep you up to date with the project and to insure you receive the highest level of construction quality, project management and personal customer service.

Eco Smart Pools By Ecozen. Ecozen offer the latest in eco smart pool design and construction on every project. We take price out of the equation by offering the latest chemical free equipment and energy saving operating systems available for application into every project at no extra cost.

The Ecozen difference is that we offer our competitive pricing on the pool construction and only use systems that will save you money, electricity, chemicals and time during the life of the pools operation. Try us today and let us show you the future of pool building.

Contact the Ecozen team today on Free Call 1800 326 936 and let us show you how we can build your pool for a competitive price using the latest chemical free and energy efficient systems.