Choosing Stone for your Pool

One of the major decisions for everyone building a new swimming pool is what kind of look and feel will the pool have and a choice that greatly influences this is the finishes of the coping, the tiles and inner surface of the pool.

Using natural stones enhance the aesthetics while providing great durability and relatively low maintenance. These natural products deliver an elegant feel to the pool just as they did throughout the ages and the names are familiar to most. There are a broad range of granite tiles, travertine, Himalayan quartz, marble and limestone. Each has a unique look and feel and come in a range of colours and sizes.

In the end it’s a personal decision usually based on the look, cost and the degree of maintenance that each stone requires. Some stones only come in particular colours and so if you are using a grey colour scheme your options may be in granite tiles or the silver travertine. If you are looking for warmer tones, you may look at the Himalayan quartz, limestones, travertine or even almond granite.

The lowest cost tends to be the natural Himalayan quartz with granite, limestone and...

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A Freshwater Swimming Pool is Environmentally Friendly

Over 1 million Australians own a swimming pool … just imagine what a difference we could make if we all reduced our impact on the environment.

Many swimming pools have traditionally used hazardous chemicals such as chlorine to reduce algae growth and bacteria but we believe there is a better alternative. Even saltwater pools rely on chlorine and we are all familiar with the smell and sticky feeling from these pools. Did you know that it’s possible to enjoy natural, crystal-clear freshwater in our summing pools and that we can reduce the chemicals that have to be add to a bare minimum.

The first advantage is that it feels amazing swimming in pure freshwater as this has become increasingly rare in a world awash with chemicals. Another reason is that these chemicals such as chlorine are hazardous, they’re costly and they are a hassle. You have to get the quantities exactly right and it needs to be added regularly or you will be looking at a green pool or worse.

Just as significant is the damage done to the environment and the by-products that find their way into our underground water. Add to this the larger amount...

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8 Amazing Pool Ideas That You Can Use in Brisbane

These are some amazing pools from all over the world.

Whilst most of the pools we build are not able to be in quite as spectacular locations, we can take ideas and make them work in your backyard.

Looking at these amazing pools can can be equally inspiring and depressing as very few of us have such amazing locations and vistas for our pool. Our approach is to take the best features of these amazing designs and work out how to include them both in your and budget.

You can have an amazing pool by simply adapting some of these ideas and including them in your design.

Amazing Engineering


Red Highlights

Optic Fibre Lighting

Above ground lap pool

Spa in the pool



Ecozen specialises in environmentally friendly construction and design mixed with beauty. We can help you transform your space into a tranquil heaven which you will love spending time in.

Call us for a consultation on 1800 326 936

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Tips for Designing Your Pool

There is quite possibly nothing more relaxing than dipping your toes into your beautiful new swimming pool, especially one that you've designed yourself.

The cool, clear water lapping around the pool, watching the sunshine reflect off of the top, there is truly nothing better than a design coming together. If you are considering designing your own pool, these tips and tricks will help you work with a designer to make your vision come to life!

Realize Your Vision

Before sitting down with your designer, first think about exactly what you want for your backyard oasis. This will be the place you unwind and relax every day … make it uniquely yours! You are building the pool of your dreams, so let your imagination take hold when it comes to putting a preliminary design together! Find a muse, a pool design that you absolutely love, and then build upon that to make it yours!

The internet is a wonderful tool to research various pools and designs to gather ideas. Print out your favorites and place them in a special folder designated just for your pool design ideas. Peruse magazines and cut out your favorite designs. Does a neighbor, friend or...

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Top 20 Pool Design and Construction Tips

1. Create a wish list.

You may have been dreaming of a swimming pool for years, and you may think you know exactly what you want. But it pays to read up on the latest technology and gather ideas. Once you’ve done a little homework, you’ll be ready to speak to your pool builder about what it is you want out of a swimming pool. He’ll be able to help you crystallize how you plan to use the swimming pool and can suggest styles, materials, designs, and blueprints to make your dream a reality.

2. Create a look book.

It’s often difficult to put your ideas into words. Pool builders and designers appreciate when customers come to them with pictures from magazines, our swimming pool photo galleries, or even scenic photos taken on vacation. They give your pool builder a good sense of what you’re interested in and how to incorporate your style preferences into the swimming pool design. It also ensures that you and your builder are on the same page.

3. Research the three types of inground pools.

Sure, that’s what this article is all about, but dig deeper. A swimming pool is an investment, just like a car or a home. You...

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Environmental & Green Outdoor Living

Environmental & Green Outdoor Living

Queensland Pools and Outdoor Magazine - Issue 3, caught up with Sean Lynch from Ecozen Pools + Landscapes and discussed the increase of residential pool and landscape design going green.

Have you noticed an increase in people wanting to incorporate environmentally friendly products/features into their pool and outdoor design? Why do you think this is so and how do you help your client's?

Yes, our community is more educated about the impact we have on our planet. With this awareness comes a responsibility to do our share to preserve our natural environment. When designing your pool and landscape space, clients want options to achieve their green design solutions.Clients are now asking: What can we do to make our pool and outdoor space more eco smart. My company was created to directly answer this question and make this application of green construction systems easy to understand and affordable to use. Ecozen Smart Pools are water wise, chemical free and energy efficient.Our pools save you time and money in maintaining your pool whilst also reducing both your chemical pollution and electricity usage from the grid. We offer our clients the Ecozen Smart Pool for the same price as...

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