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Concrete Swimming Pools

"The reduction in the upfront installation price is the biggest advantage to going green with Ecozen, our Ecosmart Pools are cheaper to build, carbon offset and cheaper to run for the life of their operation. If price was your only hurdle in investing in green technology then we have overcome it with our Ecosmart Pools range. The peace of mind knowing you are reducing your construction carbon footprint, your children are swimming in fresh water and you are reducing your chemical use in your local environment is worth investing in our Ecosmart pools"

Sean Lynch - Ecozen Founder and Managing Director

Concrete Pools - Why Ecozen pools are more environmentally friendly without the extra cost.

Ecozen Offer Carbon Offset Construction On Every Project.

We calculate the total carbon footprint of our pool construction including all transported materials and equipment used on site. We then offset this carbon by planting out our reserves of native bushland through our Ecozen regeneration program. Each Ecozen client has the peace of mind in knowing every pool has been made carbon neutral by this bush planting program and that they are doing their bit to reduce our communities total carbon footprint. Well built concrete inground pools will always be desired due to the luxury finishes and custom design aspects, at Ecozen we make sure the environment is catered for as well, without sacrificing these desirable elements to building a new concrete pool.

Ecozen Concrete Pool Solutions - Reducing Your Carbon Footprint On Every Project.

Ecozen Pools commits itself to the lowest carbon footprint that it can produce both during construction and during the life of the pool's operation. We achieve this and the balance of cost by having the best relationships with concrete suppliers in the industry for the construction of our inground pools. We leverage that relationship for our clients which means better quality products that don't cost more and don't have a bigger carbon footprint then they should have.

Through the continued research and the ongoing development of our products, Ecozen Pools are proud to present our new Econcrete range of products. Our eco-smart concrete uses patented process and by products with very little carbon output. Our Econcrete reduces carbon emissions by up to 9.2 ton for every 300 cubic meters of concrete produced. Econcrete by Ecozen is available on all of Ecozen Pools projcts. If other builders/landscape/pool companies wish to get a quote for Econcrete by Ecozen please don't hesitate to contact us so we can show you the future of concrete pool building.

To find out more about what Ecozen can offer you in terms of quality pool and landscape construction with a reduced carbon footprint and lower ongoing running costs, email us for more information or call us on Free Call 1800 326 936.