Outdoor Furniture by Ecozen

Outdoor Furniture by Ecozen is the only way to fit out your new pool surrounds and outdoor space.

Our pieces are custom designed, built on site and environmentally sustainable one off pieces. Our design and build service goes beyond pools so let us work with you to create both your own individual furniture for your new outdoor space. Even if you have had your pool completed in the past or or need a renovation to your existing pool, Outdoor Furniture by Ecozen can easily add the "wow" factor to any backyard.

Some of our favourite designs are in their 20th reproduction and all products are exclusively available from Ecozen

Call all us on 1800 326 936 for a quotation for these and many other products we have designed to complete your space. Ecozen Pools and Landscapes aims to the the one stop shop for all your green outdoor living needs from concept to completion.