Dipping A Profitable Toe Into Pools, Even If Green.


 CONSUMERS concerned with managing their rising electricity costs and eco-footprint are driving a Brisbane business into new territory.

Ecozen Pools & Landscapes offer custom packages, combining architecturally appealing designs with environmentally-friendly technology.

Sean Lynch has been operating his business for 16 years, but recently took the decision to expand to the Sunshine Coast after a wave of new business opportunities.

"We've doubled our annual turnover the last three years," he said.

"We've just expanded into the Sunshine Coast and we're now offering the same packaging and services up there, and ultimately our plan is to expand all up the Queensland coast."

Mr Lynch has a background in environmental science and landscape architecture. Improvements in eco-friendly technologies and the resulting cost reduction in such technologies has enabled more people to invest, he said.

"The business has been operating for many years, and when I first started it was very cost prohibitive for people to invest in eco-friendly pools," he said.

"Now you can get all that technology for the same price as standard technology, so we have removed cost as an objection.

A lot of the government policies about five star energy ratings being actioned now are in line with the company ethos that I have always had, that's what Ecozen was founded on."

He said his company used freshwater pools, which used less chemicals and less electricity, plus water tanks, solar panels, variable speed pumps and eco-smart filters.

The business also has carbon offsets for the construction by partnering with a company that plants native trees in disused mining sites.

"There are plenty of people who might not necessarily be actively interested in their eco-footprint, but they are interested in reducing their electricity bill," Mr Lynch said.

"We're finding that people are investing in their homes and are very keen to reduce the running cost of having a pool ... Its especially relevant now, with speed fluctuating energy costs."

Article & Photo from Courier Mail


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