Tips for Designing Your Pool


There is quite possibly nothing more relaxing than dipping your toes into your beautiful new swimming pool, especially one that you've designed yourself.

The cool, clear water lapping around the pool, watching the sunshine reflect off of the top, there is truly nothing better than a design coming together. If you are considering designing your own pool, these tips and tricks will help you work with a designer to make your vision come to life!

Realize Your Vision

Before sitting down with your designer, first think about exactly what you want for your backyard oasis. This will be the place you unwind and relax every day … make it uniquely yours! You are building the pool of your dreams, so let your imagination take hold when it comes to putting a preliminary design together! Find a muse, a pool design that you absolutely love, and then build upon that to make it yours!

The internet is a wonderful tool to research various pools and designs to gather ideas. Print out your favorites and place them in a special folder designated just for your pool design ideas. Peruse magazines and cut out your favorite designs. Does a neighbor, friend or family member have a pool design you love? Ask them if it is okay to snap a picture of it to give to your designer! The sky is the limit here in making your pool dreams come true!

Designate An Area

The first and foremost task to tackle is to figure out where exactly you want your brand new pool to be. Sure, you know that you want it to be in your backyard, but designating an exact area will help your designer to better realize your vision. Once you have given the designer an area to work with, have them draw a scale model of your property, either by hand or using specific pool design software like Pool Draw or Pool Studio.

When sizing up the design, make certain that your designer is aware of all property markers, septic tanks or any other property restrictions that may present an obstacle. More often than not, designers can work around these and make the design work … they just need to be aware of them.

Fabulous Focal Points

After you have an exact idea of the pool design that you want, now it is time to give some thought to the focal points you will be incorporating! Do you fancy plants and flowers? Consider the landscape around your pool and appropriate an area for some lush vegetation to grow and flourish! Bright and beautiful blooms will add a bold pop of color, while some gorgeous greenery will add to the relaxing atmosphere that you want to achieve.

Perhaps you may want to incorporate the sound of running water into your design. This can be achieved a number of ways including erecting a decorative fountain near your favorite spot to sit, or even incorporating a charming waterfall into the pool itself!

Don't forget to designate a couple of areas to socialize when you plan on hosting company! A dazzling deck or patio area can really tie the entire design together. If you enjoy cooking and entertaining, then perhaps an outdoor kitchen would be your favorite focal point of the entire design! A fire-pit would lend ambiance and light to those cooler autumn nights.

Remember, the whole point is to design a pool that is unique to you and your vision. Remember that and hold steady to that throughout the process! Together with your designer, you can both make your backyard dreams become a reality!

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