Amazing Ideas

8 Amazing Pool Ideas That You Can Use in Brisbane


These are some amazing pools from all over the world.

Whilst most of the pools we build are not able to be in quite as spectacular locations, we can take ideas and make them work in your backyard.

Looking at these amazing pools can can be equally inspiring and depressing as very few of us have such amazing locations and vistas for our pool. Our approach is to take the best features of these amazing designs and work out how to include them both in your and budget.

You can have an amazing pool by simply adapting some of these ideas and including them in your design.

Amazing Engineering


Red Highlights

Optic Fibre Lighting

Above ground lap pool

Spa in the pool



Ecozen specialises in environmentally friendly construction and design mixed with beauty. We can help you transform your space into a tranquil heaven which you will love spending time in.

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