A Freshwater Swimming Pool is Environmentally Friendly


Over 1 million Australians own a swimming pool … just imagine what a difference we could make if we all reduced our impact on the environment.

Many swimming pools have traditionally used hazardous chemicals such as chlorine to reduce algae growth and bacteria but we believe there is a better alternative. Even saltwater pools rely on chlorine and we are all familiar with the smell and sticky feeling from these pools. Did you know that it’s possible to enjoy natural, crystal-clear freshwater in our summing pools and that we can reduce the chemicals that have to be add to a bare minimum.

The first advantage is that it feels amazing swimming in pure freshwater as this has become increasingly rare in a world awash with chemicals. Another reason is that these chemicals such as chlorine are hazardous, they’re costly and they are a hassle. You have to get the quantities exactly right and it needs to be added regularly or you will be looking at a green pool or worse.

Just as significant is the damage done to the environment and the by-products that find their way into our underground water. Add to this the larger amount of electricity required to keep those pumps running in our extreme climate and you see that we are all having a huge impact on our world.

For these reasons, we recommend a revolution in swimming pool technology called theEnviroswim swimming pool water purification system. This innovative technology makes a huge difference in all of the areas that we’ve mentioned. Our system uses less electricity, chemicals and saves water because any run-off or backwash can be used directly on gardens without needing to be diluted.

Ask us about this great Aussie innovation which delivers pure fresh water for your pool and reduces your impact on the environment.

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