Choosing Stone for your Pool


One of the major decisions for everyone building a new swimming pool is what kind of look and feel will the pool have and a choice that greatly influences this is the finishes of the coping, the tiles and inner surface of the pool.

Using natural stones enhance the aesthetics while providing great durability and relatively low maintenance. These natural products deliver an elegant feel to the pool just as they did throughout the ages and the names are familiar to most. There are a broad range of granite tiles, travertine, Himalayan quartz, marble and limestone. Each has a unique look and feel and come in a range of colours and sizes.

In the end it’s a personal decision usually based on the look, cost and the degree of maintenance that each stone requires. Some stones only come in particular colours and so if you are using a grey colour scheme your options may be in granite tiles or the silver travertine. If you are looking for warmer tones, you may look at the Himalayan quartz, limestones, travertine or even almond granite.

The lowest cost tends to be the natural Himalayan quartz with granite, limestone and travertine filling out the mid-price ranges. Marble can be the most expensive however some prefer the look and these natural stones can add value to your project beyond their cost.

Being a natural product there is always great variation in the colour and texture. Some stones introduce quite a random look where others are relatively consistent so it’s a good idea to visit the display room and view a larger area of the stone to ensure that you are happy with the natural look.

Once you’ve selected your stone the next step is to choose your size and profile. There are a wide range and the most common variations (eg 400mm x 400mm) are usually available immediately with custom sizes made to order. There are bullnose and square edged profiles as well as specialist pieces for grates, drains, capping stones etc

Using natural stones create a beautiful feel for the pool and will provide you with years of hard wearing and low maintenance pool surfaces.

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