Frequently Asked Concrete Swimming Pool Questions:

How are concrete pools built?

Our concrete pools are built with steel reinforcement and poured as one continuous shell for lasting structural strength as well as allowing for custom designs of any shape and size you can think of. Our concrete pools offer greater design flexibility than fibreglass pools and can be constructed in any size, style or shape on any site. This makes them ideal for more challenging sites such as those with limited space, narrow blocks and hillside locations. The ability to individually design a concrete pool means our customers are not limited to any factory made pre-moulded designs. Concrete pools can take on any form including L-Shaped, Geometric, Freeform, Lap Pools and Out-of-Ground pools or anything else you can dream of. At Ecozen Pools, we can build it.

What is the construction process for a new concrete pool?

Our concrete pools are constructed completely onsite to custom specifications. As such, they take approximately 6-8 weeks to build. The concrete pool construction process includes the following steps depending on design and site conditions.

  1. After the design, scope of works, engineering and certification is completed by Ecozen we then have a set out and pre-start meeting.
  2. The form work and steel reinforcement is delivered to the site in preparation for the start of the pool construction on site.
  3. On the day of the excavation the machines and site supervisors arrive on site for the earthworks and hole excavation required for the pool.
  4. After the completion of the site earthworks the pool formwork and steel reinforcement is installed on site as well as the plumbing works.
  5. After the steel and plumbing is inspected and approved by our engineers on site the pool concrete shell is poured and shaped by our installers.
  6. Once the pool shell is installed, the required backfilling and plumbing lines are installed around the pool shell ready for the surrounds works.
  7.  At this stage the electrical connections are then installed by our electricians for the earthing, pool/garden lights and pump station position.
  8. After the shell has cured for 14 days the pool coping stone is installed around the pool shell in the client’s choice of style, shape and material.
  9. The pool waterline tiling, bench highlights and step treads are also installed to make the pool easier to clean and safer to use.
  10. At this stage any additional water features, landscape works and surrounds paving are installed to complete the landscape works on site.
  11. To get the hydraulic systems ready for the pool the pumps, filters, chlorinators and other operating equipment are installed on site.
  12. The pool shell is then cleaned out and interior material is installed onto the pool shell in the client’s choice of style and colour combination.
  13. After the installation of the pool interior, pebble-crete, Jewels for pools or fully tiled material, the pool is cleaned again ready for filling.
  14. At this stage the pool is filled with water from the house supply, professionally cleaned, balanced and chemically treated ready for swimming.
  15. Finally the pool is ready for the client instruction session on handover with a thorough training session on operating the pool equipment cleaning the pool and enjoying your new concrete pool for many years to come.

Now you can enjoy your first of many pool parties with your family and friends or just sit back and relax in your new pool and landscape space.

What are the benefits of concrete swimming pools over fibreglass pools?

Due to the inherent structural and enduring strength of a structurally engineered concrete swimming pool, they offer unlimited flexibility with design and placement. This strength also means that the pool will endure generations of fun and play. As well as shape and design you also have a large variety of unique and exotic internal finishes and surfaces to choose from, making your pool a “one off” personalised project.

Unlike fibreglass pools, concrete swimming pools allow you almost total design freedom. Pool size, depth, shape and in most cases location are limited only by your imagination. From the most extravagant personal taste through to challenging sites including indoor, outdoor, sloping sites, hillside locations, out of ground structures or rooftops; Concrete pools gives you the flexibility to think outside the square. The inherent strength of reinforced concrete pools; boundary walls, water walls, water features and fencing can be constructed directly on top of the shell. Plus with proper planning it can even form part of the footing for the house wall. A well designed pool is an integral asset to the property and an absolute pleasure for the end user.

I have a small block; can I have a concrete pool?

There are very few situations that would inhibit the construction of a concrete swimming pool. With thoughtful design, planning and the correct engineering, concrete pools can be built right up the property boundary; they can also form the footings for a new house or other structure. This means that a concrete pool can maximise the available space and thus provide more space for you to enjoy.

There are so many companies, and such varied pricing – who should we choose?

“The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of the deal” The old adage you get what you pay for, so often quoted is consistent throughout life and the pool industry is no different. Our philosophy is “It is easier to do a job right than to explain why you didn’t”.

Why Choose Ecozen Pools as your Concrete Swimming Pool Builder?

Ecozen Pools and Landscapes as an established business has assembled a team of professional staff who care about your project. We have developed a solid reputation for delivering quality construction processes and after sales service over many years of building.

We use only the highest quality products and services for your project and work closely with you to ensure your expectations are realised. We want your business, but we also want the opportunity of delivering pool solutions to your friends and family. The only way to get that is to ensure you are a satisfied and valued client . We offer the complete swimming pool construction process from initial design, engineering and council development approvals through to delivering to you a high quality swimming pool zone for you and your family to enjoy.

My house is existing and there is a brick boundary wall where I want the pool to go, the pool will be close to both structures, will this be a problem?

This is a common occurrence and as such there are multiple solutions such as soil stabilisation treatments (commonly referred to as chemical or grout injection), shoring and piling that enable excavation and construction processes to occur without risk or damage to existing structures or personal injury to the public or construction operatives.

I have limited access for machinery required?

Provided you have a doorway to the pool area, we can excavate your pool. Machines are available that have retractable tracks for limited access and to remove the spoil from the pool area for carting away and ultimately disposal, good old fashioned wheelbarrows or in some circumstances conveyor systems will get the job done – No problem.

How long does it take to build?

For a typical sized pool constructed in an existing property the build process is typically 4 to 6 weeks from commencement. With the pool and landscape packages we specialise in we allow 12 weeks in total for the complete construction to be completed from dig to handover.

How long does the engineering and certification process take before starting my pool construction on site?

At Ecozen we look after all of the required pool design, engineering design, council approvals and certification approvals as part of our projects. For a standard pool and landscape project we can complete these applications and approvals within 2 weeks before starting the construction stage of the project on site. As part of these approvals we also check your property for any easements, sewer/stormwater pipes or other council restrictions that may affect the design or construction of the pool on site.

Do you provide a warranty with your pools?

Warranties are very important. Ecozen Pools provides the strongest warranty in the swimming pool industry. We offer a 25-year structural warranty for complete peace of mind. We also guarantee our work and honour all equipment warranties. We have a proven track record for our after sales service and should any warranty problem occur, our service division will handle it quickly and efficiently.

When is the best time to install a concrete pool?

Ecozen Pools builds pools year round, regardless of the weather. However, the best time to build a swimming pool is before spring and summer. This allows you to have your pool and surrounding landscaping completed by the first warm day – and gives your family a full season of fun! Contact us today and let us work through the initial design phase of the project with you so you are ready to start on site.

How can I be sure of the quality?

Here is where you must rely on the builder’s reputation and professional experience. The bottom line is, who actually does the work? At Ecozen Pools, each and every one of our pools is built from start to finish by our team of professional pool builders. We use only the highest quality construction materials and associated equipment available to the swimming pool industry.

Why do cost estimates vary so much when all pools seem to be the same?

Many factors, other than size and depth, create the total construction cost of your pool. Many of the important factors that affect the cost are not visible on a quotation, but if craftsmanship, quality of materials, design strength, durability, customer satisfaction, and warranties are important to you, then you should consider Ecozen Pools as your pool builder. Remember, good work is never cheap and cheap work is never good.

If you would like to discuss our projects in more detail and learn more about how easy it is to build with Ecozen Pools please contact us on free call 1800 326 936 and ask us for a list of our past and current customers. Our clients will tell you why they believe Ecozen Pools is Qld’s leading designer and builder of quality concrete pools and landscapes.

If you would like to know more about our projects, please contact us directly on 1800 326 936 and we will happily answer any of your questions. From there we will arrange  to meet with you on your site to receive your project brief, create your 3D design and prepare an itemised scope of works for your complete project.   Sean Lynch – Ecozen Founder and Managing Director